qTeller: Maize
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Be aware that as of 8/2016 Maize qTeller now uses a new set of alignments and FPKM values from maize refgen 3.1. These values are likely to be different results downloaded prior to 8/2016. The old maize data is avaliable at http://qteller.com/maize2/

For questions or concerns please contact Daniel W. C. Ngu of the Schnable lab.

The qTeller web interface, as well as the RNA-seq analysis (as opposed to the raw data itself) and syntenic gene sets avaliable through this website were created by James Schnable. So he's the person you should bother with questions, concerns, suggestions, and bug reports.

Addie Thompson in the Muehlbauer lab at the University of Minnesota was instrumental in the creation of qTeller, providing the perspective of an actual practicing geneticist cloning real QTLs.

The raw data used to measure gene expression in qTeller is a result of the hard work (and hard won funding) of a whole bunch of people throughout the maize community. The source of every dataset qTeller is built upon is identified here, and they all deserve countless thanks.

qTeller is currently hosted in the Freeling Lab at UC-Berkeley.