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The qTeller web interface, as well as the RNA-seq analysis (as opposed to the raw data itself) and syntenic gene sets avaliable through this website were created by James Schnable. So he's the person you should bother with questions, concerns, suggestions, and bug reports. During the time he first created the code for qTeller James was supported by a Tien Graduate Fellowship and NSF grants to Michael Freeling.

The source code for the qTeller web interface and backend RNA processing is avaliable on github

The administration of different species-specific instances of qTeller is a bit complex. The Arabidopsis instance and potentially future crucifer instances will be maintained and updated by people from the Freeling Lab, while I (James) will continue to maintain the grass specific instances and the overall source code.

The raw data used to measure gene expression in each instance of qTeller is a result of the hard work (and hard won funding) of a whole bunch of people throughout the plant biology community. The source of every dataset qTeller is built upon are identified (if you find any without proper attribution LET ME KNOW), and all the folks responsible deserve countless thanks.