qTeller: Arabidopsis
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Welcome to qTeller, the simple tool for digging up information on the genes hiding inside your favorite QTL or mutant mapping interval.

Links are to the publications in which different data sets were first published.

Genome Version:
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End Position (bp):
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Functional Data:
Short Gene Descriptions (TAIR)
Detailed Info for Characterized Genes (TAIR)
Expression Data Sources:
Shoots (11 days) (Gan 2011)Roots (11 days) (Gan 2011)Floral Buds (Gan 2011)
Unstressed Seedlings (12 days) (Filichkin 2010)High Light Stress (Filichkin 2010)Drought Stress (Filichkin 2010)
Salt Stress (Filichkin 2010)Heat Stress (Filichkin 2010)Cold Stress (Filichkin 2010)
1-2 Cell Embryos (Nodine 2012)8 Cell Embryos (Nodine 2012)32 Cell Embryos (Nodine 2012)
Seedlings hy5 (4 days) (Zhang 2011)Seedlings wt (4 days) (Zhang 2011)Leaves1 (Yufeng unpublished)
Leaves2 (Yufeng unpublished)Leaves3 (Yufeng unpublished)Floral Buds1 (Yufeng unpublished)
Floral Buds2 (Yufeng unpublished)Floral Buds3 (Yufeng unpublished)Sperm (Fischer)
Root Hair Protoplasts (Unknown)Globular Embryos (Bartel)Globular Embryos dcl1 (Bartel)
Seedlings (10 days) (Ma)Seedlings ibm1 (10 days) (Ma)Leaves (Jacobsen)
Leaves crt1 (Jacobsen)Leaves crh6 (Jacobsen)Flowers (Jacobsen)
Flowers ago4 (Jacobsen)Seedling (Stroud)Seedling atrx5/6 (Stroud)
Seedling ddm1/atrx5/6 (Stroud)Seedling kyp/suvh5/6 (Stroud)

Syntenic Orthologs:
Homeologs from the Alpha Whole Genome Duplication
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