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Welcome to qTeller, the simple tool for digging up information on the genes hiding inside your favorite QTL or mutant mapping interval.

Links are to the publications in which different data sets were first published.

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Functional Data:
MaizeSequence.org Automated Functional Annotations (MaizeSequence.org)
Classical Maize Genes (Schnable 2011)
Expression Data Sources:
CML228 root (root)CML69 apex (apex)Ky21 apex (apex)
Tzi8 tassel (tassel)Oh43 tassel (tassel)Oh43 apex (apex)
Hp301 tassel (tassel)NC350 shoot (shoot)CML322 ear (ear)
CML52 shoot (shoot)Ky21 shoot (shoot)Tx303 ear (ear)
Mo17 apex (apex)Tzi8 root (root)Ki11 ear (ear)
CML228 tassel (tassel)CML333 tassel (tassel)Mo18W root (root)
Ky21 root (root)Ms71 ear (ear)Tx303 root (root)
CML322 root (root)M162W apex (apex)IL14H shoot (shoot)
M162W ear (ear)CML277 root (root)M37W tassel (tassel)
Ms71 root (root)Ki3 tassel (tassel)Ki3 apex (apex)
B97 ear (ear)B73 apex (apex)Oh43 root (root)
M37W apex (apex)Tzi8 ear (ear)Tzi8 apex (apex)
Mo18W apex (apex)Ki11 root (root)Ms71 apex (apex)
CML69 tassel (tassel)Ki3 ear (ear)CML103 shoot (shoot)
CML52 ear (ear)NC358 tassel (tassel)CML333 ear (ear)
Mo18W tassel (tassel)M162W shoot (shoot)CML333 shoot (shoot)
Ki11 apex (apex)NC358 root (root)Mo18W shoot (shoot)
P39 ear (ear)CML52 root (root)CML247 apex (apex)
P39 root (root)M37W shoot (shoot)Hp301 root (root)
Hp301 ear (ear)CML69 shoot (shoot)CML247 ear (ear)
Ki11 shoot (shoot)Oh43 ear (ear)Tzi8 shoot (shoot)
IL14H apex (apex)IL14H ear (ear)Oh7B shoot (shoot)
Oh7B ear (ear)Mo17 shoot (shoot)M37W root (root)
CML69 ear (ear)P39 tassel (tassel)IL14H tassel (tassel)
Ki3 root (root)B97 shoot (shoot)Ky21 tassel (tassel)
CML322 apex (apex)NC358 shoot (shoot)Hp301 shoot (shoot)
Hp301 apex (apex)Mo17 tassel (tassel)NC358 ear (ear)
M37W ear (ear)Oh7B apex (apex)Oh7B root (root)
B73 root (root)CML277 apex (apex)Ms71 shoot (shoot)
B97 apex (apex)B97 root (root)CML103 root (root)
CML247 shoot (shoot)NC350 root (root)CML103 apex (apex)
CML333 root (root)Mo17 root (root)B73 tassel (tassel)
CML247 tassel (tassel)Oh7B tassel (tassel)CML322 shoot (shoot)
Ky21 ear (ear)Tx303 shoot (shoot)CML52 apex (apex)
CML52 tassel (tassel)CML247 root (root)Mo17 ear (ear)
CML103 tassel (tassel)CML277 ear (ear)CML333 apex (apex)
CML69 root (root)Ki3 shoot (shoot)B73 shoot (shoot)
CML228 ear (ear)P39 apex (apex)NC358 apex (apex)
IL14H root (root)NC350 ear (ear)Mo18W ear (ear)
CML228 shoot (shoot)CML277 shoot (shoot)CML228 apex (apex)
B97 tassel (tassel)CML277 tassel (tassel)M162W root (root)
Oh43 shoot (shoot)NC350 tassel (tassel)Ki11 tassel (tassel)
CML322 tassel (tassel)Tx303 tassel (tassel)NC350 apex (apex)
M162W tassel (tassel)CML103 ear (ear)P39 shoot (shoot)
Tx303 apex (apex)

Syntenic Orthologs:
Sorghum Ortholog
Setaria Ortholog
Rice Ortholog
Brachypodium Ortholog
GEvo Link (compare all orthologs)